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Nueva libertad con el mando a distancia

With the CL StageMix application, an iPad becomes a wireless remote controller that can be used to set up and operate CL consoles from anywhere on stage or in the audience seating area. There’s even a built-in iPad stay on the CL5 and CL3 panels, providing a convenient mount for an iPad to be used for additional control functionality.

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CL StageMix V7 User Guide [9MB]
CL StageMix V7 User Guide [7.1MB] [9MB]
CL StageMix V8 User Guide [English] [12.6MB]
CL StageMix V8 User Guide [Español] [4.6MB] [12.6MB]
CL/QL StageMix V8.5 User Guide [English] [1.7MB]
CL/QL StageMix V8.5 User Guide [Español] [1.6MB] [1.7MB]

Precio: Gratis

Visite la App Store en el siguiente enlace para obtener detalles sobre los requisitos del dispositivo y del sistema operativo.

Yamaha CL series digital mixing console firmware V4.0 or later

Punto de acceso Wi-Fi (preferiblemente con 802.11n o 802.11ac, capacidad de 5GHz, aunque 2.4GHz y 802.11g también funcionan)

Cable CAT5 (para conectar la consola a un punto de acceso Wi-Fi)

* Please read privacy policy carefully before downloading and installing the StageMix.

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