SWR2100P Switch L2

System Example

SWR2100P series switches not only make it easier to design and install audio network systems, but result in more convenient and controllable installations as well. A combination of MRX7-D and XMV devices is ideal for large-scale applications such as shopping centers. In this system, Dante compatible PGM1 units can be added to provide multiple remote paging stations. In the setup shown, a PGM1 unit located in the 3rd floor office is set up as a master station that will take priority over all other PGM1 units for emergency announcements. The VXC3F and VXS5 speakers allow high-impedance connections, making it possible to distribute multiple speakers over a wide area for broad coverage. A tap on the speakers allows output wattage to be easily changed to create the desired BGM and announcement balance, even after installation.

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