DM-305 Discontinuado

Meeting Yamaha’s High Standards

Yamaha is a world leader in the field of professional audio equipment.

Our technicians drew on this technological and acoustic expertise when developing the DM-305.

It is designed to deliver outstanding sound quality for karaoke or spoken voice.

Superior Sound Technology

With its supercardioid polar pattern, the DM-305 is ideal for vocal performances.

In addition, the magnet, voice coil and even the cable are extremely high quality to ensure high sound quality so voices sound clear and natural.

Rich, Clear Vocal Characteristics

Designed not only for karaoke but also for use by serious amateur vocalists, the DM-305 delivers sound that is rich, full, clear and free of extraneous noise.

The specifications are good, but the natural musical quality, which Yamaha pays careful attention to, is truly excellent.

With the DM-305, singing is always a real pleasure.

Exclusive Body Design

Yamaha developed a tapered body design that is easy and comfortable to hold, and gave the microphone an attractive silver finish.

A Great Choice for Various Types of Use

- Karaoke with friends or family.

- For serious amateur vocalists, either on stage or in the rehearsal studio.

- For announcers (schools, public events, etc.).

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