MTH-825 Tom Carriers Discontinuado

Harness Type

An aluminum alloy is employed to achieve the optimum balance of weight and strength. Multiple adjustments are provided for a comfortable fit. A comprehensive range of size and instrument combinations is available.

Carrier Adjustment

[Shoulder Width and Height]

The harness can be freely adjusted to fit the player's body.

(1) Harness width

(2) Harness height

(3) Holder height

[Abdomen Plate]

(4) The drum height can be adjusted for optimum playing position. This feature also makes it possible to match playing surface height for multiple players.

[Playing Surface Angle Adjustment]

(5) The angle between the instrument and carrier can be adjusted to keep the playing surface horizontal while maintaining the most comfortable playing posture.

Tilt-up Mechanism

A carefully designed tilting mechanism affords smooth operation with improved safety. The instrument can be tilted up while still attached to the carrier for easy transportation.

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