Setting up Yamaha SWP1 series

Setting Multiple SWP1s (Copying settings)

When starting the switch in DANTE mode, the settings will start in an initialized state every time, so there is no need to save or replicate the customized settings from last time. In USER mode, the switch can be booted up with customizations that have been saved, such as VLAN settings; and these settings can be replicated for use on a different SWP1 Series switch. From the standpoint of efficiency of making the settings and having a spare switch on hand, we recommend that you use the SWP1 Series for switches on the same network.

First, in the following page, you can back up the "running-config" settings of a switch that you have finished configuring by exporting them as a text file on your PC.

Setting Multiple SWP1s (Copying settings)

Next, we will boot up the switch in USER mode for which we want to replicate the settings, and import (load) the settings that were previously saved.

The copying of the switch settings is complete.

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