DTX Advantage

DTX drums

Play With A Broad Range Of Sounds

The possibilities are endless. Choose kits from a collection of essential Yamaha acoustic drum sounds, or select from the broad range of drum, percussion, and effect sounds. Play sounds from kits that professional drummers use or play digital sounds that electronic drums are known for. You can expand on this by processing the sounds with the built-in effects, or create your own original voices, incorporating them into kits that expand your playing potential.

Incredibly Quiet Lets You Play At Times And In Places You Couldn't Have Before

Incredibly Quiet Lets You Play At
Times And In Places
You Couldn't Have Before

Acoustic drums are among the loudest of instruments. We want drummers to enjoy playing more, so we designed the DTXdrums with quietness in mind. Since sound and vibration levels are very low, they make it possible for drummers to play at times and in places that they couldn't have before.

Training Function

Training Function

There are a number of important skills that every drutmmer should acquire, including a solid rhythm, the ability to play a groove, arranging, etc. The DTXdrums incorporate some significant functions designed to help you develop and improve on your drumming skills.

Performing Live or Recording

Performing Live or Recording

With their superior sounds and exceptional feel and playability, the DTXdrums are perfect for practice, performing live, or recording. They can also be connected with a USB cable to a computer and used as an interface for recording MIDI data into a DAW application, or for playing a VST tone generator.

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