YTS-82Z Saxofones tenor

One-piece bell with new engraving

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In the tradition of those coveted vintage saxophones, the 82Z now comes equipped with a one-piece bell. This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal color. More elaborate with finer detail, the new engraving design offers delicate beauty.

Metal resonator pad

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The metal resonators offer an outstanding response and deliver a wider dynamic range. The entire range of the instrument has a clearer pronunciation, providing effortless playability all around.

V1 neck

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The wide bore taper of the V1 neck provides a free-blowing feel and the greatest possible flexibility.

Conexión Si-Do# Grave mejorada

Un mecanismo mejorado para la conexión Si-Do# grave asegura el cierre consistente de la llave Do#, y proporciona una respuesta clara en las notas del registro grave del instrumento.

Lighter thumb hook and thumb rest bases

Lighter thumb rest and thumb hook base designs produce better response and a more cohesive tone.

Adjustable Front F key

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An adjustable Front F mechanism gives the player the freedom to find the optimal level of resistance in the altissimo range.


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The 82Z comes equipped with lightweight case that has a shoulder strap.

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