Los modelos de la legendaria serie Pacifica, creada en los años ’90, responden a las exigencias de los músicos de hoy en día, con prestaciones versátiles y una gran variedad de modelos de características diferentes. La galardonada serie 112 presenta unos modelos de precio asequible con un sonido y unos acabados que te sorprenderán, y una relación calidad-precio insuperable.


Neck : Seymour Duncan / SP90-1

Wound with plain enamel wire on a 1950's Leesona winding machine, the SP90-1's tone is a faithful reproduction of the original soapbar pickups. Short, wide bobbins give a higher output and more powerful midrange than conventional single-coils for a fat neck pickup tone with clarity impossible to achieve with humbucking pickups.

Bridge : Seymour Duncan / Custom 5 TB-14

Like a higher-output version of the classic '59 humbucker, the Custom 5 was developed in response to players customizing their SH-5 Custom or SH-11 Custom pickups with Alnico 5 magnets for a more vintage, less distorted tone but retaining a deeper bottom end than the stock '59


Neck: Seymour Duncan / SSL-1 , Center ; Seymour Duncan / SSL-1 RwRp

Hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets and heavy Formvar magnet wire with a special wind pattern produce vintage, classical sound. The treble attack is crisp and immediate, while the low end remains rich and focused . 

Bridge : Seymour Duncan / Custom 5 TB-14

Trembucker version of Custom 5 humbucker. This even response makes it great for all types of music, great for both clean and dirty sounds.


Seymour Duncan Trembucker P-Rails

Exclusive to Yamaha Guitars, the trembucker version of the revolutionary P-Rails pickup offers full humbucker tone in position 1, soapbar single coil in position 2 and regular single coil in position 3.


Pastillas de Alnico V Pickups

Alnico V magnets are used for both the single coil and humbucking pickups to deliver a warm, clear tone that won’t get buried in the mix.

Montaje de la pastilla del puente

The rear pickup is mounted directly on the body. This configuration captures body resonance, giving a thicker, fuller tone than mounting directly on the pickguard.

Yamaha Original Bridge Plate with Graph Tech String-Saver Saddles : PACIFICA611H

Teflon-impregnated saddles dramatically reduce string breakage while minimizing the dominant 2KHz tonal spike of metal saddles. Combining these saddles with Yamaha's original steel bridgeplate gives the perfect combination of quick response and strong sustain.

Wilkinson VS50 Tremolo Bridge : PACIFICA612VII, 510V

Precision machined zinc saddles are matched with a hardened steel and knife-edge baseplate for outstanding feel, stability and tone.

Block Saddle Vintage Tremolo : PACIFICA212V / 112V

The block saddle type vintage tremolo offers great arm feel and excellent tuning stability. The heavy block saddles deliver rich, deep tone with singing sustain.

Locking Tuners : PACIFICA612VII, 611H, 510V

Precision, pro-spec Grover locking tuners lock strings automatically for stable tuning and ultra-fast string changes

Graph Tech TUSQ XL nut and string tree : PACIFICA612VII, 611V, 611H, 510V, 311H

TUSQ XL is precision engineered to couple the strings vibrations to the neck and bring out hidden harmonics and richness in every note. 500 times more slippery than graphite, the Teflon-impregnated material eliminates string-binging and ensures tuning stability, even with massive string bends.

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