About Yamaha Professional Audio

Yamaha Professional Audio es conocido en todo el mundo como proveedor de soluciones innovadoras de alta calidad para la industria del sonido. La línea Yamaha incluye una serie de mezcladoras de estándar mundial, procesadores de señal que incorporan tecnología DSP líder en la industria, amplificadores basados en tecnología de consumo de energía eficiente y una amplia gama de altavoces adecuados para todo, desde sonido en vivo hasta instalaciones comerciales.

Yamaha Quality

Take a glance behind the scenes at Yamaha's quality support center and production facilities.

Digital Mixer History

Back when Yamaha products such as the DX7 synthesizer and SPX90 multi-effect unit were at the peak of their popularity, Yamaha was busy developing and manufacturing a DSP LSI that was originally intended for use in Electones, but which also showed promise for digital mixing applications. That LSI provided the basis for Yamaha’s first digital mixer, the DMP7.


Our engineers love audio and work hard every moment to materialise their dream products. Here you see some of them spill their enthusiasm for their jobs and their babies.

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Yamaha Design site "Synapse" describes connections between products and concept keywords.

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