Sound to fire the imagination


NS-C500, Bafle tipo Canal Central, Diseño sencillo, pero elegante, con gran calidad de audio, compacto para poder ser colocado en cualquier lugar y con la posibilidad de ser colgado en la pared o el techo si así fuera necesario.

Spacious, dimensional sound from the DC-Diaphragm tweeter

Using precision manufacturing technology, the voice coil for the tweeter Is wrapped directly over the aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm. This design delivers increased amounts of sound information for smooth reproduction over an exceptionally wide sound spectrum.

A-PMD cone and solid rubber surround for deeply satisfying sound

The woofer utilizes Yamaha's unique A-PMD together with a solid rubber surround.In conjunction with the large-diameter magnet structure, this assures rich, satisfying reproduction of mid-range and bass.

Non-magnetic shielded for clear initial sound

The entire unit is non-shielded, achieving impressively clear initial sound without distortion from magnetic shielding circuits.

Quality cabinet construction to assure reliable sound

Thanks to Yamaha's traditional expertise in cabinetry, starting with its three-way mitered joint construction, sound quality is natural and consistent.The higher you turn the volume, the more impressed you'll be with the rich, clear sound from these compact units.