Yamaha "Genos" Digital Workstation Wins Top Prize in International German iF Design Award 2018

Yamaha Corporation's digital workstation Genos has been awarded the iF Gold Award, the top prize in the internationally prestigious German iF Design Award competition for 2018. This is the second time and the second consecutive year for Yamaha to receive an iF Gold Award.

For 65 years, the iF Design Award *1 has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF Design Award is one of the most important design prizes in the world. This year, over 6,400 products from 54 countries and regions were submitted for the competition and only 75 were selected to receive gold awards.

In addition to this year's Gold Award for the "Genos" Digital Workstation, Yamaha's NS-5000 Premium Book-Shelf Speaker also won an iF Design Award.

Genos is the new benchmark in Digital Workstation sound, design, and user experience. A variety of functions can be assigned to the six knobs and nine sliders, allowing for the needs of varied musicians and use cases. The Live Control view provides instant visual confirmation of your adjustments of the controls without interrupting the main display during the performance. The design consists of two key aspects: an authentic and logically composed control panel and a smooth, dynamically shaped lower case. The former enables the player to be fully immersed to the performance, and the later creates an impressive silhouette on stage.

Comment from the jury

"A complex instrument with an amazing quality of detail. What won us over most was the surface feel: Buttons, knobs, and switches are subtly and very beautifully done. All elements are integrated in harmony with the whole."

Comment from the designer of Genos

"We are very honored and pleased that Yamaha has received the top prize in the internationally prestigious iF Design Award. When we designed the "Genos" Digital Workstation, we created a functional and refined control panel that would empower the player to give accurate and creative performances. At the same time, we also sought a shape that would present the performer as attractively as possible from the perspective of the audience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cooperation, which made it possible to embody the image of "Genos" that I had in mind. I hope that many people will enjoy performing on this new workstation."

"NS-5000" Premium Bookshelf-Speaker

"NS-5000" Premium Bookshelf-Speaker

Next-generation technology has been integrated into these speakers, which represent a new standard in sound. Made from high-density fiber, the newly developed speaker diaphragm delivers consistent, powerful sound with low distortion across a broad frequency range. The body features the same coating and base material as a grand piano, with a black piano finish that provides a uniform film for improved rigidity. We investigated the qualities needed in a flagship speaker in the era of high-resolution audio, and the resulting sound sets the standard for the next generation of hi-fi speakers.

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